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Carpet, A floor covering which glorifies your home furnishings by its design, its color combination, art of weaving and by its quality.

Type of Carpet:

1. Hand Knotted
2. Shag Rug
3. Hand Tufted

Mostly we know about Hand Knotted Carpets:

These kinds of carpet took a long time in its production and approx. a month to be completed. Now this is ready for display or sale.
The steps to make a good Hand Knotted carpet is as follows:

first woolen yarn dyin dying for weaving second start weaving after receiving raw materials.
Third after weaving it is sent for washing to make it soft.
Fourth now it is embossed or clipped which make the look better.
Fifth it is sent for stitching which makes the carpet according to its size.
Sixth step takes place as binding it from all sides.
Now the carpet is ready for final inspection.
Nepali Carpet also follows the same step as Hand Knotted carpets.
Hand Tufted Carpets are prepared by some different steps. Its preparation is as follows:

it is woven on a specific type of cloth by machine called tufting machine. After weaving it is stitched with a gum called Latex mixing with some specific kind of liquids.
Now its time for binding and the carpet is ready.
It takes a month to be completely ready.

Writen by: Rashid.A

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