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Eid ul Adha

Eid e Qurban


Eid Ul Adha one of the most biggest occasion of Muslims. It is celebrated to remember how prophet Ibrahim (A.S) was going to sacrifice his son prophet Ismail (A.S) becomes of God order.
In this Eid ul Azha Muslims sacrifice an animal and do a lot of efforts to keep it with in surrounding.
Everyone wants to do something for his sacrifice animal.
For kids as eid ul fittar is biggest charm to collect eidi from everyone and like that, this big eid (Eid E Qurban) kids are very excited to their sacrifice animal. They totally forget their favorite things and just want to pay attention to their animals.
As the days are coming to sacrifice kids become very sad and on that day most of kids are looks alike crying. It’s the point where we get reward from Allah, in sha Allah.
The men purpose of qurbani is giving their favorite things in front of Allah.
In this era sacrifice animal is also symbol of show-case please avoid its. Its really bad kind of act.
We must remember to our neighbors and poor people who can’t eat got food through out the year.
Recently I noticed people just bought high rates of sacrifice animal to just show off (hum ne ye itny lakh me liya) .
Please remember those persons who don’t have basic mecessaries of life. If you just save some money and donate it to deserve person instead of buying high rates animals is better way to show your sacrifice in front of Allah.

Writen By: Shama Perven
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