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Burhani Blood Bank


Address (Location) and Phone Number (Contact Number) of Burhani Blood Bank:

Burhani Blood Bank Karachi:

Address (location): ST-1 Block-F, Saifee Road, Karachi, North Nazimabad Near Chase-up Departmental Store
Email: bmwa786@yahoo.com

Phone Number (contact): 021-36706932, 021-56644490

Farazdak Millwalla: 0300-8295465
Jawaid Qayam Ali: 03452191052
Mailing Address:
The Burhani Medical Welfare Association
ST-1 Block – F, North Nazimabad, Karachi 74700, Pakistan

Detail about Burhani Blood Bank:

Burhani Blood Bank was established in 1997 and there are Jawaid Qayam Ali and Farazdak Millwalla running this trust. Its located is Karachi, Pakistan. This blood bank is working for a safe life from thalassemia. They are provided 24 hours services. It is the Charitable Trust blood bank. It is completely supports charitable activities and programs. It's their mission give life to a Thalassaemia victim.

Also available Blood Group:

A1-Positive, A2-Positive, B-Positive, O-Positive, A1b-Positive, A2b-Positive, A1-Negative, A2-Negative, B-Negative, O-Negative, A1b-Negative, A2b-Negative

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