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Parts of a Computer

A computer has four main parts. Monitor, CPU, Keyboard and mouse, the parts we can combining to make a computer system.


Monitor also called a visual display unit (VDU). Monitor display words, pictures and movies. You can also watch cartoon, game and movies on a monitor.


Central Processing Unit also known as a CPU. It’s the brain of a computer. It’s work to controls all the parts of a computer.


Keyboard has different kinds of buttons its called keys. Alphabet keys, number keys, a spacebar, an enter Key. These keys are used to type letters, numbers and other symbols. Type on the keyboard, can be seen on the monitor.


Mouse is a pointing device. It works helps us pointed things and words on the computer monitor. It is also used to click and drag things on the monitor. It also used to draw a picture.

Other Parts of Computer:

Printer: Its used to take printout.
Microphone: It’s used to record sound.
Speaker and Headphones: It’s used to listen to recorded music and sound.
CD and DVD: both are round in shape and of the same size, but a DVD stores more information than a CD.
USB: It is also called a flash drive. It can store more information than a DVD.

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