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A Country-Mouse and a Town-Mouse

A Country Mouse and a Town Mouse


A country-mouse invites a town-mouse --- simple food --- not liked --- the town-mouse invites the country-mouse --- rich food --- the country-mouse sees a cat --- the guest runs away.

The Story:

Once two rats were fast friends. One lived in a small village; and the other, in a big town. The country-mouse came to see his friend. But he was sorry to see him living on very simple food in a small mud-house. So he left for his town early next morning.

After a few weeds the country-mouse went to the town to see his friend. But he was frightened to see brown cat, sitting on a table, in a corner of the dining-room. He could not believe his friend that it was only a toy. So he ran as fast as he could, and left the town far behind him.


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