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A Rolling-Stone Gathers no Moss

A Rolling Stone Gathers no Moss


War between birds and animals --- why? --- the bat --- sometimes with birds and sometimes with birds and sometimes with animals --- hated by both --- want over --- killed --- why? --- Moral.

The Story:

Once upon a time birds and animals quarreled over choosing a king for them selves. They decided to fight the matter out. The bat played a strange role. If the birds appeared to win, it went over to their side, saying that it was a bird. But if the animals seemed to gain a victory, it sided with them, saying that it was an animal.
At last the animals came out victorious. The bat went over to their camp. But they turned it out, because it laid eggs. It, then, flew over to the other camp. But it was driven away, because it gave milk to its young ones. Thus it stood ashamed between the two camps.

Moral: A rolling-stone gathers no moss.



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