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Building Castles in the Air

Building Castles in the Air


A farmer’s daughter --- a bucket full of milk on the head --- going to market --- begins thinking about becoming rich and refusing offers of marriage --- tosses her head in pride…..

The Story:

A farmer sent his daughter to the market for selling milk. She put the pot on her head and said to herself, “This milk would be sold out in no time. And it would fetch a lot of money for my father. After a few months, my father would become very rich. He would. Then, receive many offers for my marriage. Tossing my head. I would refuse them all. “But the moment she did so, the pot fell down. It broke into pieces and the mild ws all spilt on the ground. Tears welled up into her eyes and she returned home full of great grief.

Moral: Man proposes, God disposes.


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