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Good Out of Evil

Good Out of Evil


A merchant coming home --- has a bag of money --- forest --- rain --- angry with God --- why? --- Attacked by a robber --- pistol does not go off --- merchant and his wealth saved --- thanks God.

The Story:

A merchant was once returning home from a fair. His pockets were full of currency notes. It began to rain, as he was passing through a thick jungle. He was drenched to the skin. He was angry with God for putting him to so much trouble.
All of a sudden, there appeared a robber with a pistol in hand. “Your money or your life!” he thundered. The merchant spurred his horse, and the robber fired at him. But the pistol did not go off, because the rain had made the powder damp. The merchant succeeded in making good his escape. He thanked God for the rain ws, indeed, a blessing in disguise.


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