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Greed for Gold

Greed for Gold


Three friend’s journey together --- find a bag of gold --- agree to divide it equally --- feel hungry --- one brings food --- mixes poison --- other murder him on his return --- Moral.

The Story:

Once upon a time three friends set out on a long journey. On their way, they found a bag full of gold coins. They agreed to divide it equally among themselves.
They were feeling very hungry. They sent one of them to the nearest village to buy some food. In his absence the other two plotted to kill him and to divide the coins between themselves. But the third was to less greedy them they. He poisoned their food to get the entire treasure himself. But, as soon as he reached there, they put him to death. And they died soon after they had eaten the food. But the treasure remained where it was.

Moral: He, who digs a pit for others, falls into it himself.


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