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Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the Best Policy


A wood-cutter cutting a tree --- axe falls into the river --- weeps --- a god --- dives --- shows a golden axe --- “not mine” --- a silver axe --- “not mine” --- his iron axe --- takes it --- reward.

The Story:

        A poor wood-cutter. Was felling a tree on the bank of a river. By chance his axe fell into it and he began to weep. Mercury, a king God. Happened to pass that way. He asked him what the matter was. When he learnt the whole story, he took pity on the poor old man. He jumped into the river, and showed him a golden axe. “Is it yours?” he asked. “No, sir” replied the wood-cutter; “mine was not so beautiful.” He dived again and brought out a silver axe. “Is it yours?” he asked again. “No, sir,” replied the honest man. “Mine was not so bright. “He dived for the third time and brought out the iron axe which had been lost. “Oh! Yes, that is mine, “exclaimed the wood-cutter, as soon as he saw it. Mercury was greatly pleased with the wood-cutter. And he gave him the entire three axe as a reward for his honesty.    


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