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Obey God and all Will Obey You

Obey God and all Will Obey You


One day saadi sees Ali riding a lion --- great surprise --- questions; how can you make the lion obey you? --- answer; obey god and all will obey you.

The Story:

Ali was a very pious man. He prayed five times a day and spent most of his time in reading the Holy Quran. His wife and son sold the milk of their cows to provide themselves with all the necessities of life. Ali helped orphans and widows, as much as he could. His friend Saadi was surprised to see him riding a lion, one evening. He could not help asking Ali next morning how the king of the jungle could obey him. He smiled and said,” I obey God and his creation obeys me.” His words had a deep effect on Saadi, and he began to lead a pious life.


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