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The Ant and the Cricket

The Ant and the Cricket


 A silly cricket spends summer in singing --- lays by nothing for the winter --- starves --- goes to an ant to beg for food --- help refused --- “Go and spend winter in dancing.---Moral.

The Story:

 there lived a foolish young cricket in a garden. He spent the summer in singing and merry-making. He ate whatever he got and did not lay by anything against the rainy-day.
Winter was soon in full swing. The earth was all covered over with snow. He could find nothing whatever to eat. He went to an ant and begged for food and shelter. “My store of food, “said she, “is hardly sufficient for myself. I regret that I cannot lend you anything. But, what have you been doing throughout the summer?” It was so pleasant,” replied the cricket, “that I had been singing all the while” Then beggars like you, “remarked the ant, “should go and dance the winter away.

Moral: God helps those who help themselves.


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