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The Ass and the Load of Salt

The Ass and the load of Salt


An ass loaded with salt --- crossing a stream --- falls --- load becomes lighter --- again carries salt --- falls knowingly --- a plan --- loaded with cotton --- falls again --- the load becomes very heavy.

The Story:

A merchant used to bring salt from the city, to his village, on his donkey’s back. There was a stream on the way. One day it fell down into it. Its master helped it, with great difficult, to stand up once again. It was delighted to find the load lighter than before.

The next day it again sat down in midstream to lighten the load. The merchant saw through its trick. He wanted to teach it a lesson. He leaded it with two small bales of cotton next time. It sat down as usual, in the stream to gain its object. But when it got up, it could not walk under the weight. It resolved never to repeat the trick in future.


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