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The Bee and the Dove

The Bee and the Dove


 A bee falls into a stream --- a dove drops a leaf near it --- bee climbs over it and flies away --- a hunter aims at the dove --- the bee stings him --- the dove is saved --- Moral.

The Story:

 A bee felt very thirsty one day. It went to a stream to drink some water. But it was driven away by the waves.
A dove saw all this from her nest. Her heart melted with pity. She plucked a leaf and dropped it near the bee. It climbed over that, dried up its wings and flew away.
A few days later a hunter came there. He saw the dove sitting in her nest. He loaded his gun to shoot her down. The bee happened to see all that. It flew towards him and stung him on his hand. He was, just then, pulling the trigger. He missed the aim, and the dove flew away.

Moral: One good turn deserves another. (Or) Do good and have good.

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