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The Best Artist


Three artists --- one paints a garland --- the other, a basket of fruits, --- the third, a curtain --- a bee suits on flowers --- an ox tried to eat fruits --- the judge tries to remove the curtain --- third gets the prize --- why?

The Story:

Once an exhibition of arts was held in a certain town. There was a very handsome prize for the best painting. Three artists competed for that. One painted a garland of flowers. It looked so real that a bee came and settled on it. The second painted a basket full of vegetables. It looked so real that an ox tried to eat some. The third painted a curtain hanging in front of a door. The judge took it for a real curtain and tried to lift it. But, the next moment he realized his mistake and declared the third painting to be the best. The other two were good, no doubt, but they had deceived only an insect and an animal; while it had deceived a human being.


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