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The Boys and the Frogs

The Boys and the Frogs


One day after rainfall --- boys come out to play --- a pond --- frogs croaking --- boys throw stones at them --- frogs protest --- “only play” --- “play to you, death to us.”

The Story:

Ti rained very heavily one summer afternoon. Boys ran out of their houses to enjoy themselves. There was a pond outside their village. They went there for swimming and bathing in it. They did not like this noise. One of them threw a small stone at a frog. Others also did the same. These stones injured many of them. They were greatly upset. “What are you doing, boys?” said one of them. “We are only playing.” Replied a clever little boy. “Stop this cruel game, for God’s sake,” said another frog. “Your stones have injured many of us. The boys thought over the frog’s request for a while. Then they left the pond to play some other game under the trees.

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