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The Cap-Seller and the Monkeys

The Cap-Seller and the Monkeys


A cap-seller --- asleep under a tree --- monkeys take away caps --- gets up --- caps missing --- sees monkeys wearing them --- a plan --- throws down his cap --- monkeys do the same.

The story:

Once a cap-seller was to vend his caps. On the way. He naps under in the shade of tree to take some rest.
A lot of monkeys reside in the trees around him. They were pleased to see the caps. They put them on their heads and go up the trees again.

Almost immediately the cap-seller got up. He was amazed to see the caps not there. He listens to the monkeys chatter. He looked up and knows everything and he idea of a clever plan to get back his caps. He took off his own, and chucks it down on the soil. The monkeys also did the same. He at once together them all and went his way.

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