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The Claver Blind Man

The Claver Blind Man


 Two friends --- one lame, the other blind --- invited to a feast --- each unable to go alone --- a plan --- one carries --- the other shows the way --- enjoy the feast --- both happy.

The Story:

 Imran Ali was a great landlord of Rohri. He married his only son to the only daughter of Dr. Tariq Shah, and invited the entire population to a feast. Amongst them were two fast friends. One was lame and the other was blind. Nobody cared to help them reach the house of the landlord. But they planned to help themselves. The blind man seated his friend on his shoulders and began his march. The eyes of the one and the legs of the other helped them reach the house of the landlord. They sat at the dining table and ate everything to their hearts’ content.

Moral: God helps those who help themselves.

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