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The Dog and His Shadow

The Dog and His Shadow


 A dog with a piece of meat---crosses a stream---sees his shadow---takes it for another dog with a larger piece---decides to snatch it---jumps into the river---loses his own---Moral.

The Story:

There was a greedy dog. He stole a piece of meat from a butcher’s shop. Then he ran away to save himself and the piece. Before long he reached a stream. He stopped, for a while, on its bridge and looked at the river flowing underneath. He was his own reflection in its clear water. He took it for another dog with a larger piece of meat in his mouth. He could not bear the sight. He jumped into the river at once. He opened his mouth to get hold of the larger piece. But he lost his own and did not get the other. He was greedy. He was there for, a loser.

Moral: Do not be greedy.

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