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The Dog and the Wolf

The Dog and the Wolf


A fat dog and a thin wolf meet --- wolf advised to guard a man’s house --- agrees --- the hair on the dog’s neck worn away --- collar and chain --- wolf prefers freedom to slavery --- Moral.

The Story:

A fat dog met a lean, thin wolf in a village street one night. It said to him, “If you guard my master’s house at night, you will get everything to eat. This will soon make you very healthy and strong. “The wolf agreed to that.
Suddenly, his eyes fell on the thin hair on the dog’s neck. “Why is it so?” asked he. “It is.” Replied the dog, “Because my master puts a collar round it, when he chains me up. “The wolf was greatly surprised to hear about the collar and the chain. He thought for a while and then ran away to the jungle saying, “thank you, my friend. I can bear hunger but I cannot bear to be a slave!”

Moral: Freedom in hell is better than slavery in heaven.

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