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The Foolish Old Woman

The Foolish Old Woman


A king’s hawk tired --- rests on the hut of an old woman --- pities the bird --- cuts its long beak --- king demands his hawk --- king angry --- why? Gives her a gold coin --- Moral.

The Story:

One day a king’s falcon lost its way and sat down on the cottage of an old woman. She felt that it could not eat with its long beak. So she snipped it off with a pair of scissors.
Before long, the king came there and asked her about his hawk. She went in and brought it out. “What have you done to its beak?” Thundered the king in great anger. Trembling with fear, she said, “I have only helped the poor bird to pick up its food better.” The king understood her folly and gave her a piece of gold, though she did not deserve any.

Moral: a foolish friend is worse than a sworn enemy.


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