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The Foolish Stag

The Foolish Stag


 A pool of clear water --- a stag sees his reflection --- admires his horns --- dislikes his legs --- hounds running towards him --- runs for his life --- horns caught in a bush --- overtaken by the hounds --- dying thoughts --- Moral.

The Story:

 A stag was once drinking water at a pool. He saw his own reflection in its clear water. He admired his beautiful horns, but he did not like his lean, thin legs. Suddenly he saw a pack of hounds running towards him. He ran into the jungle to save himself.
His legs soon carried him far from the hounds. But his horns were caught fast in a bush. Despite his best efforts, he could not free himself. Before long, the hounds caught hold of him. Now he felt that his ugly legs were of great help to him, but his beautiful horns were the cause of his death.

Moral: All that glitters is not gold.

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