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The Fox and the Crow

The Fox and the Crow


A hungry fox sees a crow with a piece of cheese --- wishes to eat it himself --- praises the crow --- begs it to sing --- the crow caws --- cheese falls down --- fox eats it up --- Moral.

The Story:

A hungry fox was once wandering in a jungle. He saw a crow sitting in a tree. It had a piece of cheese in its beak. He longed to eat it himself. So he sat down under the tree and said, “What a pretty bird you are. Your voice must also be very sweet. Do sing me a song, please.”

The crow was greatly pleased to hear its praise. It began to caw with endless pride. But the moment it did so, the piece of cheese feel down. The cunning fox picked it up and ran away saying, “Thank you, Mr. Crow. The cheese is very delicious indeed. But your voice is not so sweet, as I thought it to be.
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