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The Fruit of Dishonesty

The Fruit of Dishonesty


Two boys take a house examination --- one copies and passes --- the other honest but fails --- later the dishonesty of the first found out --- punished --- the headmaster makes short speech honesty.

The Story:

Khawar and Jamil were very weak students of class nine. Khawar copied every day during the annual examination, and obtained very high marks in all the papers. On the other hand, jamil failed in all the subjects because he did not believe in copying. His promotion to class ten was out of question.

Khawar could not pull on with the class. The headmaster sent for his old class-teacher and asked him about khawar. He said that he was at the tail of the class. “Then how did he succeed?” said the headmaster. “He might have copied,” remarked the class-teacher. The answer-books were checked and the truth soon came to light. He was punished for copying and was demoted to class nine. Khawar could not see eye to eye with everybody and decided never to copy in future.

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