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The Gain of one is the Loss of Another

The Gain of one is the loss of another


A woodman has an axe without handle --- asks trees for a piece of wood --- gets a small branch --- uses the axe to cut down trees --- regret --- moral.

The Story:

There lived a poor man in a certain village. A blacksmith took pity on him and gave him an axe without a handle. He went to the jungle and begged trees for a piece of wood. He got it and returned home full of great joy. He cut it into a soft handle and fixed it into his axe. Then he went to the jungle every day and cut many branches off the trees. He sold these in the market and bought the necessities for his wife and children. In this way he began to live very happily. But the trees were sorry for their gift to him.

Moral: The gain of one is the loss of another.

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