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The Hare and the Lion

The Hare and the Lion


 A lion kills many animals daily --- a meeting --- agree to send one animal daily --- a hare turn --- reaches late --- says detained by another lion --- sets out to kill his rival --- a well --- sees his own reflection --- jumps down --- drowned.

The Story:

 Once a lion lived in a certain jungle. He killed many animals every day. They held a meeting in great disgust. They decided to send him one animal every day. He agreed to the proposal.
One day, it was the turn of a hare. It willfully reached the lion’s den very late. He roared out to it, where it had been for so long. “Your Majesty” replied the hare, “I was coming to you with another hare today. But, another lion killed my companion on the way and I have come alone.”
He was filled with rage to hear about the other lion. And he wanted to fight the matter out with his rival. The hare led him to a well. He peeped into it, and took his own reflection for his rival. He jumped into it with an angry roar and was drowned. And the hare returned to his friends with the happy news.

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