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The Hare and the Tortoise

The Hare and the Tortoise


 A hare challenges a tortoise to run a race --- the top of a hill is the winning-post --- the hare sleeps on the way --- the tortoise goes on slowly and steadily --- wins the race --- Moral.

The Story:

 Once a hare was very proud of his speed. He always laughed at a tortoise and challenged him to run a race with him. It accepted the challenge one day. They fixed the top of a distant hill as the winning-post.
The hare ran as fast as he could. Before long he was out of sight. The tortoise could not run so fast. But it moved on very steadily. After some time, it saw the hare sleeping under the shade of a tree. It was dead tired. But it did not stop to take any rest.
The hare woke up after some time. He began to run very fast. Soon he reached the winning-post. But he was greatly ashamed to see the tortoise already sitting there.

Moral: slow and steady wins the race.

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