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The Hare with Many Friends

The Hare with Many Friends


 A hare has many friends --- chased by hounds --- goes for help to many friends --- all try to put her off --- decides to help herself --- runs fast --- out of danger ---Moral.

The Story:

 Once a beautiful hare had many friends in the town. They always assured her of their help, in trouble. One day she was chased by some hounds. She felt that her life was in danger. She ran to her friend, the horse, to take her beyond their reach. But he said, I am sorry, I cannot help you at present. It is time for my master to ride on my back. She, then, ran to her friend, the cow, for help. But the cow said, it is time for me to be milked. So I am sorry that I cannot do anything for you. After that she ran to her friend, the goat. But even there, she met with disappointment. So she decided to help herself. She ran as fast as she could, and was soon out of danger.

Moral: God helps those who help themselves.

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