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The Mice and the Cat

The Mice and the Cat


 A cat kills many mice every day --- they discuss how to protect themselves --- many proposals --- to tie a bell round the cat’s neck --- but how? --- All silent.

The Story:

 Once a cat happened to discover a colony of rats in a certain field. Whenever she felt hungry, she went there. She killed as many rats as she liked, and ate them up.
They were anxious to get rid of her somehow. They held a meeting one day. They discussed many proposals. One of these was to tie a bell round the cat’s neck. They began to dance with joy, as soon as they heard that. But the president was wiser than the rest of them. The proposal, said he, is very nice indeed. But tell me who, amongst you, will bell the cat?” None could dare offer his services. So the meeting ended in great disappointment.

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