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The Miller and his Donkey

The Miller and his Donkey


A miller and his son --- drive their donkey --- none riding --- laughed at --- boy riding --- laughed at --- old man riding --- laughed at --- both riding --- laughed at --- decide to carry the donkey --- it is frightened as they cross a bridge --- falls down --- drowned --- Moral.

The Story:

An old miller and his son were going to the fair, one day. But neither of the two was riding it. People laughed at their folly, and the father asked his son to ride. Soon they met another group of people, who did not like the old man going on foot. So the son got down and asked his father to ride the donkey.
Now they met a group of women who cursed the old man for being so cruel to his son. So the son rode behind his father. Soon they met some young men. They rebuked them for their cruelty to the donkey and asked them to carry it on their shoulders. They did so by tying its legs with a strong rope and passing a bamboo through these. But the donkey was frightened, when they were crossing a bridge. It broke loose fell into the stream below and was drowned.

Moral: It is difficult to please everybody.

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