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The Obedient Son

The Obedient Son


Father orders son not to move without permission --- ship on fire --- son refuses to leave the burning deck without father’s permission --- father no more alive.

The Story:

Casabianca was the young son of the captain of an English warship. He accompanied his father in a certain war. The English lost the battle, and the captain set his ship on fire. He went down to attend to something and told his son that he was just coming.

Everybody left the ship, as the flames began to spread. Casabianca called out, at the top of his voice, to obtain his father’s permission to leave the burning deck. But the captain was laying dead in a lower part of the ship and the boy knew nothing about that. Before long there was a loud explosion. The ship and the boy were split into a thousand pieces. He gave a noble lesson of obedience to children all the world over.

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