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The Old Tiger and the Fox

The Old Tiger and the Fox


 An old tiger --- too weak to hunt --- asks a fox to have a talk with him --- the fox says: it is dangerous --- the tiger says: footprints of animals show that it is not --- the reply of the fox.

The Story:

 There lived a tiger in a certain jungle. He was too old to go out in search of prey. He thought of a novel plan to feed himself. He sat down under a tree beside his den. He invited every animal that passed by to have a talk with him. If the poor animal did so, he sat close to him. Then in the course of their talk, he fell upon him all of a sudden and ate him up.
One day, he invited a fox to have a talk with him. But the fox hesitated. “You are mistaken,” said the tiger. “I am too old to attack anybody. You can see many footprints around my den.” “, replied the fox. “But these alone have warned me against the danger. There are many pointing towards your den. But there is none pointing the other way!” The tiger hung his head down in shame, and the fox went his way.

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