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The Playful Donkey

The Playful Donkey


A washer man has an ass and a Donkey --- hates the former and loves the latter --- the Donkey’s antics on the roof --- the ass do the same --- beaten.

The Story:

A washer man lived in a certain town. He kept an ass and a Donkey. He hated the former for its silly habits. But he loved the latter. For its funny tricks. One day, he was greatly amused to see the Donkey going through all sorts of antics, on the roof of his house. He patted it, when it came down. The Donkey decided to please its master in just the same way. So, it went on to the roof of the house next morning and began to jump and dance. This made the washer man very angry. He went up and drove it down with a thick stick.

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