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The Prisoner and the Birds

The Prisoner and the Birds


 A man unfairly imprisoned --- released at last --- sees a bird-catcher’s shop --- hundreds of birds shut up in cages --- buys all and releases them --- says: only those imprisoned unjustly, realize the joy of freedom.

The Story:

 Once an innocent young man was sent to jail. He was released after a couple of years. He was passing through a bazaar one day. He saw many birds, shut up in small cages, in a certain shop. He thought about the days of his own imprisonment. He said to the shopkeeper, “What will you charge for all these birds?” He looked at his strange customer in great surprise. But he told him what he would like to have. The young man paid him the desired price, and set all the birds free. His joy knew no bounds, when he saw them flying in the air.

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