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The Shepherd and the wolf

The Shepherd and the wolf


A shepherd --- looks after sheep --- cries “woldf! Wolf!” for fun --- villagers run for help --- no wolf --- return in anger --- repeats the joke twice --- a wolf really comes --- cries “wolf! Wolf!” --- Nobody comes to his help --- result.

The Story:

A young shepherd used to graze his sheep in a jungle. One day he thought of a strange joke. He shouted out “wolf! Wolf!” and the villagers ran to his help, with sticks in their hands. But there was no wolf to be seen, and the shepherd stood laughing. They cursed him and went away. After a few days he repeated the same joke. The villagers came to his help again, but his joke filled them with anger.
One day, a wolf actually came there. The shepherd cried. “Wolf! Wolf!” at the top of his voice. But the villagers did not attend to his cries. He did not return till sunset. They went to the jungle and saw him as well as many sheep torn to pieces. He lost his life for a silly joke.

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