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The Silver Key

The Silver Key


Rainy day --- a traveler reaches an inn --- door closed --- inn-keeper asks for a silver key --- a rupee pushed in --- door opened --- inn-keeper asked to bring in luggage --- shuts door --- knocks --- the traveler wants a silver key --- gets his rupee back.

The Story:

A traveler knocked at the door of an inn one stormy night. “Please, sir “said the inn-keeper, “I cannot open the door without a silver key. “He pushed in a rupee and was let in. “Kindly bring my luggage in, “said the traveler. But no sooner did the inn-keeper go out than the traveler bolted the door. He returned empty-handed, as the traveler had no luggage at all. He knocked at the door and shouted out. “Your luggage is nowhere to be found Please open the door to let me in.” “I am sorry, “replied the traveler, “that it cannot be opened without a silver key. “The inn-keeper understood what he meant and did the same.

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