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The Slave and the Lion

The Slave and the Lion


A slave has a cruel master --- runs away --- goes into a jungle --- hears a lion’s groan --- removes a thorn from its paw --- the slave arrested --- put before a lion --- it licks his feet --- is set free.

The Story:

Once a slave ran away from his cruel master. He took refuge in a jungle. One day he heard a groan from behind a bush. Before long he saw a lion holding out its paw towards him. Trembling with fear, he went near the beast. He saw a big thorn it. He pulled it out. The lion licked his hands and went away.

The slave was captured after a few days. He was sentenced to be thrown into the cage of a hungry lion. Many people gathered there to witness the scene. But a strange sight met their eyes. Instead of tearing him into pieces, the lion began to lick his feet. It was the same lion which had been helped by him in the jungle. He told them the whole story and the judge set him free.

Moral: Kindness never goes unrewarded.

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