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The Tailor and the Elephant

The Tailor and the Elephant


An elephant daily goes to a river --- passes by a tailor’s shop --- gets something to eat --- pricked with a needle one day --- why? --- Revenge.

The Story:

A noble man’s elephant was daily taken to the river. One day he stopped at a tailor’s shop and got a loaf of bread from him. He ate it up with great joy. The next day he stopped again in front of the shop. And the tailor again given him a loaf of bread. This went on for several days.
One day the elephant stopped there as usual. But the tailor was in an angry mood. He only pricked a needle into his trunk. The elephant did not like the joke and quietly went away to the river. He filled his trunk with mud. On his return. He sprinkled it all over the clothes in his shop as he passed by. The poor man was sorry for what he had honed. But it was no use crying over spilt Milk.

Moral: as you sow, so shall you reap.

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