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The Traveler and the Lion

The Traveler and the Lion


 A lion is entrapped in a cage --- begs a passer by to let him out --- the latter is afraid but take pity on the lion and opens the door of the cage.

The Story:

 Once a kind-hearted traveler was passing through a jungle. He saw a lion in a cage. With tears in his eyes he requested the traveler to let him out. He did so at once. Now the lion wanted to eat him, because he was feeling very hungry. He prayed for mercy, but the lion would not listen to him. Suddenly they saw a fox coming that way. They agreed to refer the case to him for decision.
The fox heard them both and said. This cage seems to be too small for the lion. I doubt the whole story. The lion went into the cage at once, to make him believe in what they said. And the cunning fox closed the door without any loss of time. So the lion was a prisoner once again. The traveler thanked the fox for saving him from the jaws of death and went his way.

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