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The Washer man and his Donkey

The Washer man and his Donkey


A washer man has a dog and a donkey --- donkey well-fed --- dog ill-fed --- a thief comes one night --- dog does not bark --- donkey brays --- beaten --- Moral.

The Story:

Once a washer man had a donkey to carry heavy loads of clothes and a dog, to keep watch at night. He fed the donkey well, but the dog was almost neglected.
A thief broke into his house one night. The dog did not bark. “Why are you silent?” said the donkey. “Don’t you see the thief?” “Yes, I do,” replied the dog. “But why should I do my duty, when my master does not give me anything to eat?”
The donkey could not betray its master. It, therefore, began to bray. The thief ran away, but the washer man came down and beat it with a thick. It was sorry for what it had done, and the dog smiled at its folly.

Moral: Every man doth his business well.

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