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Two Cats and a Monkey

Two Cats and a Monkey


Two cats steal a piece of cheese --- quarrel over its division --- a monkey acts as a judge --- eats cheese bit by bit --- his fee.

The Story:

Two cats stole a piece of cheese from a certain house. They ran away to the nearest jungle to divide it into two halves. But a quarrel sprang up between them. And they did not know how to patch it up. An old monkey came forward to settle the dispute. He took a pair of scales and put a piece in each pan. One was heavier than the other. He ate a little out of it, and put it into the pan again. This time the other piece became heavier. He ate a little out of that and put it back into the pan. In this way, he went on eating the pieces little by little. At last the cats requested him to give them the small unequal pieces that were left behind. But he ate those up saying that it was his fee for deciding the case.

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