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Two Foolish Goats

Two Foolish Goats


Two goats meet on a narrow bridge ---each wish to pass first --- they begin to fight --- both fall into the river and die --- Moral.

The Story:

 Once a deep stream flowed through a hilly district. A plank of wood served the purpose of a bridge over it. But it was too narrow for two to go on it side by side.
Two goats met on it face to face one day. They stood in the middle and looked angrily at each other. “Go back and let me pass first, said one. “No, “replied the other; I will pass first, and you shall go back. There they stood, each determined to fight the matter out. So they lowered their heads and began to push each other. Before long each lost its balance and fell down into the stream below.

Moral: Selfishness leads to destruction.

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