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Two Travelers and the Bear

Two Travelers and the Bear


 Two friends passing through a see a bear coming---one climbs up a tree---the other lies down---holds his breath---the bear smells him---goes away---the first climbs down---talk between the two---Moral.

The Story:

A strong young man was passing through a forest. He met another and began to boast of his bravery. Suddenly a big bear appeared from behind a bush. He was filled with fear. He climbed up the nearest tree to save himself. The other lay down on the ground and held his breath. The bear came straight toward him and smelt him all over. It felt sure that he was dead, and went its way. The boaster came down after a while and asked his companion,” What did the bear say in your ear? “Oh, my dear “said, “it only advised me not to put any trust in braggarts.

Moral: Do not trust braggarts.

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