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Two Wolf and the Lamb

Two Wolf and the Lamb


 A wolf drinking water at a stream --- lamb drinking water far down --- “why making the water muddy? “--- It is flowing from you to me. “--- “Why did you call me names? --- I was not born then” --- Must be related to you” --- you must suffer now --- kills and eats him up --- Moral.

The Story:

 A hungry wolf was once drinking water at a stream. He caught sight of a lamb drinking water far down. He wanted to eat it up. He ran up to it and said very angrily, “Why are you making the water muddy? Don’t you see that I am drinking it?”
The poor little lamb began to tremble and said, “Please, sir, the water is flowing from you to me. So I am not at all making it dirty for you. “But why did you call me names last year? Thundered the wolf. You are mistaken, sir, “replied the lamb. “I was not even born last year. “Then it must have been your elder brother. And you must now suffer for his folly. “So saying he jumped upon the unfortunate lamb and tore it into pieces.

Moral: Any excuse is good enough for an evildoer.

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