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Union is Strength

Union is Strength


An old farmer --- sons quarrel --- a bundle of sticks --- asks them to break it --- none succeeds --- unties the bundle --- sticks broken in no time --- Moral.

The Story:

        There resides an old farmer in a certain village. He had three sons. They were forever arguing with one another. He felt extremely worried about them one day he field a number of sticks into a bundle and ask them to break it. They tried, one after the other, but could not. He, then, not tied up the bundle and asked them to break the sticks one by one. They did so in no time. This was a golden chance for him to give them a piece of suggestion. “My sons, “he said, “Like these sticks, you will be strong and powerful, as long as you are jointed. But you will all be broke if there is no unity among you.”
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