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Abbu Laye Motor Car

Urdu Nazmain means kids Poems for beginning school student. There are many Urdu Nazmain for kids. Rhymes and Poems (nazmain) improve to children physically and mentally growth. Kids during to early learning durations read and sung Urdu poems to gain knowledge with enjoyment. Exposing child’s to poems early is a good way to build reading skills and a love for Urdu poems and kids poetry.
Children’s will learn and get new words, kids learn to aloud poems in rhymes styles with expression. In this page you will read, learn and free download Urdu Nazmain, kid’s poems, poetry, Urdu Nazam Lyrics, children’s rhymes in Urdu and Hindi.

Abbu Laye Motor Car Lyrics from Urdu Nazam (kid’s poems). Many words for children in this poem.

Abbu Laye Motor Car

Es Ke Nichey Pahiye Chaar

Chabi Se Ye Chalti Hai

Poon Poon Poon Poon Karti Hai

Aage Jaye Pichey Jaye

Daein Baein Ye Mur Jaye


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