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Umera Ahmed Quotes

in Urdu, Hindi and Roman English

(Umera Ahmed is a Pakistani writer and author. She wrote many moor books. She was born on 10 December 1976 in Sialkot, Pakistan. )

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Mohabbat (Love) Aur Izat-E-Nafs Ka Apas Mein Bohat Gehra Taluq Hota Hai. Mohabat (Love) Sab Se Pehle Izta E Nafs Ko Khatam Kardeti Hai ! Ya Banda Mohabbat (Love) Kar Ley Ya Pher Apni Izzat (Respect). Hath Ki Muthi Mein Ye Dono Chezein Akhati Nahi Aa Sakti.

Maine Aik Kitaab (Book) Parhi Thi, Jis Ke Pehle Safhe (Page) Per Likha Tha, “Aao Mohabbat (Love) Samjhein” Aur Akhri Safhe (Page) Per Likha Tha “Jo Samajh Ke Ki Jae Woh Mohabbat (Love) Nahi Hoti”. Aur Aaj Tak Main Mohabbat (Love) Samajh Nahi Pai Kyun Ke Mohabbat (Love) Jab Rehti Hai Samajh Nahi Rehti Aur Jab Samajh Aati Hai Tab Mohabbat (Love) Nahi Rehti.

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